Spring Kickball Social Scrimmage 2015

The snow is gone, the sun is starting to shine, and the temperature is rising. This all leads to CASL: Cape Adult Sports Leagues outdoor adult co-ed Kickball is about to get started. We are hosting a free Kickball Social Scrimmage to anyone interested on Wednesday April 22. We will play at 6:00pm at Johnny Kelley Park in Dennis. The park is located at 168 Old Bass River Road, not far off of exit 9B. Fill out the form below if you plan on attending. We want to get the numbers so we can set the teams and start times. I look forward to seeing you out on the field.

Kickball Tryout Spring 2015

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CASL: Cape Adult Sports League is a social sports league on the Cape for adults. It is designed to keep people active, help expand social circles, and let everyone have some fun during the work week. The leagues are based on some friendly competition where we are more concerned about laughs than highlight reels.
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