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  • 219 Main St, Dennis, MA, 02638
  • (508) 385-8548
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    Food Type:Fish And Chips,Frozen Yogurt,Ice Cream,Seafood

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    • Outdoor Seating


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  1. nathan195661 nathan195661 says:

    Coffee soft serve is legit.

  2. dino390002 dino390002 says:

    Clam chowder had potatoes that were cold in the middle.

  3. Lobster rolls are great but expensive! @ DPM, better and cheaper! Fried clams here are GROSs!

  4. matt352036 matt352036 says:

    Takeout orders are fast and efficient. I had the fish and scallop combo. Big heaping plate of fried deliciousness with perfectly crispy fries. Cant wait to come here again. Om nom nom.

  5. juan3501737 juan3501737 says:

    The best clam strips ever!

  6. tom1554990 tom1554990 says:

    Plied high fried calamari plate for less than $10?!? A gem on 6A, lots of room at this lunch spot and a great value. Salmon BLT was on special and worth every penny.

  7. lisa17260067 lisa17260067 says:

    Always call ahead, even to eat in.

  8. chris9619883 chris9619883 says:

    The lobster roll is the best thing to get here, be weary of bits of shell. Come close to closing to avoid line on ice cream, their Pinkberry clone isn’t worth trying but coffee soft serve is great.

  9. chris9619883 chris9619883 says:

    Ice Cream soda is super legit, generous portion of vanilla soft serve in root beer? yes please! just wish it were A&W instead of Mug

  10. erik16574253 erik16574253 says:

    Been going here for 15 years. Sadly the portions have been shrinking year after year while the prices have been going up. Food is good though!

  11. If you are looking for pricy fried sea-food, you might have found a new favorite. This place just was not my cup of tea.

  12. jay32284881 jay32284881 says:

    Good ice cream, but you get more in a cone than you do in a dish.

  13. mer182445 mer182445 says:

    Try the clam cakes. They are great, fried, gobs of gooey deliciousness, but only try a couple. They’re heavy!

  14. mike11983035 mike11983035 says:

    Best fish sandy w/ chez and tarter, clam strip roll good deal, and the lobster roll comes on buttery grilled hotdog bun with lettuce which is awesome

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