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  • 1199 rte 28 south yarmouth
  • 123-456-7890
  • 12pm-10:00 pm from June 1st-October 15
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The Cape Cod Creamery has become a staple on Rte 28. The bright chairs out front are almost always full….

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  1. Great Neck Grapenut ice cream is awesome.

  2. Get the Great Island Grapenut. No, really.

  3. helen1926773 helen1926773 says:

    Favorite ice cream stop on the cape, I’d boldly say top 10 in the world! (inclusive of italy’s gelato) love it!

  4. tony721779 tony721779 says:

    The sizes here are huge. A kiddie size scoop is more than enough.

  5. Try a six-flavor sampler. If you like to make a meal of ice cream, this is the place to do it. – CBS Boston

  6. don10607597 don10607597 says:

    Bass River Black Raspberry is beyond belief.

  7. tim6536 tim6536 says:

    Mint chocolate chip is delicious!

  8. karyn4609491 karyn4609491 says:

    The price, quality and atmosphere blows sundae school away

  9. rita6084731 rita6084731 says:

    BEST ice cream in cape cod. Try the black raspberry or cake batter!

  10. Our youngest loves that that you can get Gummy Bears as a topping. I’m equally happy with their unadorned Cape-named flavors.

  11. mary55602430 mary55602430 says:

    Mint chic chip is delicious

  12. Everything was wonderful! Highlights included the s’mores, almond joy, and cookie dough flavors. I loved the plentiful fillings especially in the almond joy!

  13. jay32284881 jay32284881 says:

    Ask for Lemon Ice Cream. It is usually not in the case, but is my favorite flavor of any ice cream anywhere!

  14. jake12706435 jake12706435 says:

    The Snickers flavor is fantastic, but I’ve heard the Almond Joy flavor has “too much” of its fillings.

  15. Chocolate dipped waffle cone is so good!

  16. chris9619883 chris9619883 says:

    Everything here is great, super smooth hard serve ice cream. I recommend the Almond Joy flavor but tons of choices. Keep an eye out for pints at nearby supermarkets including Oreo and Snickers flavors

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