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dodgeballactCape Cod winters are tough. The days are short, the temp is cold, and everything is covered in a layer of ice. This is not going to stop us from having some fun. CASL is halfway through our first season of dodgeball and it has been a huge success. It is a perfect way to break up the work week. We have 70 people getting out, having fun, meeting new people, and even sneaking in a little exercise. The big question people are asking is “What else do you got?” or “What is next?” We want to make sure that we get this right. We have found some more gym time, now I want to hear from you on what to do with it. What other programs would you like to join? Let us know in the form below. CASL will only email you to keep you in the loop about the leagues, pickup games, tournaments, or activities that are of interest to you. Let’s make the most out of this winter. See you on the court!

Cape Adult Sports League Winter Sports Offerings

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CASL: Cape Adult Sports League is a social sports league on the Cape for adults. It is designed to keep people active, help expand social circles, and let everyone have some fun during the work week. The leagues are based on some friendly competition where we are more concerned about laughs than highlight reels.
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