CASL: Cape Adult Sports League Bowling Night

Who wants to go bowling? A great sport to get to meet the rest of the league members. We are reserving lanes this Monday night January 18th from 6:30. The cost is $10 for shoes and 3 games. Come on out, have some fun, interact with other CASL members. We are also considering starting a CASL league. Please fill out the form below to RSVP for the Monday night social, and let us know if you are interested in potentially getting a league going. We are maxed out at 50 people with the 10 lanes.

Winter Bowling Night

    CASL is going bowling. We worked out a deal for $10 for shoes and 3 games at Ryan Family Amusement in Yarmouth.

CASL: Cape Adult Sports League

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CASL: Cape Adult Sports League is a social sports league on the Cape for adults. It is designed to keep people active, help expand social circles, and let everyone have some fun during the work week. The leagues are based on some friendly competition where we are more concerned about laughs than highlight reels.
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