The best of Cape Cod is always a highly debated topic about many places, items, and views. The Cape is very passionate about their personal favorite. The discussions on the Cape always turn to "You have to go here", "X has the BEST Lobster Roll". I wouldn't be too surprised to see grandmas drop their canes and swing their pocketbooks while discussing their favorite Cape Cod  Ice Cream shop. People have strong opinions and they want to convince you that they are right. The Best of Cape Cod Battles section is bringing those discussions to the internet. Check out the battles, cast your vote, and then speak your mind. Lets see who really is the Best of Cape Cod.
Best Cape Cod Burger
Best Burger on Cape Cod

Where is your spot to go when you are craving a burger. There are the places that sell the basic burger and then there are the ones with the gourmet burgers. Let’s hear what people have to say on their favorite place on the Cape to get this staple item.

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Best Cape Cod Sports Bar

What is your favorite Cape Cod Sports Bar? The big game is coming on, you are craving some pub food, and want to be surrounded by other fans…so which is our favorite spot to catch the game? Cast your vote and then leave a comment on why you chose that spot.

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Best Waterfront Dining

A visit to Cape Cod would not be complete with the opportunity to enjoy a meal while looking out over the water. A waterview dining experience just makes the meal taste that much better. These contestants vary from simple Clam Shacks all the way to fine dining. This battle is all about the views and […]

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Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll
Best Lobster Roll on Cape Cod

Cape Cod has many places that claim they have the best lobster roll. There is no doubt that a lot of places have amazing lobster rolls. There is the also the case of style…With mayo? Pieces of celery? hot with butter? Chances are that you will not go wrong with any of the places on […]

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